Accessible parking

The Americans with Disabilities Act affects most businesses, as well as churches, schools, and government offices. 

For info on Texas ADA requirements - click on this link: TEXAS ACCESSIBILITY STANDARDS (TAS)

Handicap pavement marking

Robert Liles Parking Lot Service has been furnishing compliance with ADA to his customers for 20 years.

The Texas Accessibility Standards require that accessible ramps be a different texture and color from surrounding pavement. 

We can spray a penetrating concrete stain onto existing ramps.  They can be any color, as long as it contrasts with the surrounding pavement.  Popular colors are tile red, blue, and white.

If you are in northeast Texas, you can contact Robert Liles for a free site survey.    Here is our typical handicap symbol, 39 inches high in a four foot square box.

Traffic and handicap signs

Robert Liles Parking Lot Service has been furnishing signs and sign installation for 20 years.

Sign materials and technology have changed over the years, and not always for the better.  Some sign company's premium signs fade to the point where they are unreadable in as little as a year.  Other sign installers put up handicap signs made of thinner material that is not suitable for public areas.  Robert uses the same materials and methods that the Texas Department of Transportation uses on highways - reflective sheeting on .080" thick aluminum.  These signs are tougher and longer lasting than the so called "baked enamel" signs that others sell.

The Texas Accessibility Standards require a vertical mounted sign for each accessible parking space.  These must be mounted at least 60 inches above the pavement.


Typically installed signs at Handicapped Parking Spaces.

Contact Robert for a free site survey.


Pavement Marking.  We use Graco Equipment and Sherwin-Williams paint.
ADA compliance.  We stay current on local, state, and national requirements.
Warehouse and factory floors.  We have the equipment to spray epoxies and urethanes.
Game court marking. We can layout and paint lines, as well as apply surfacing.
Waterblasting.  To remove paint, prepare the surface, or to clean sidewalks and lots.
Encore Post Guards.  We supply and install covers for steel posts.

Wheel Stops.  To make sure that they don't put their car in places they shouldn't.


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