Maintenance-free Bollard Protection!

Encore's Post Guard is a protective sleeve that easily fits over your existing bumper posts. It saves time and costs by eliminating scraping rusty posts and constant repainting. The ultraviolet resistant and antistatic sleeve is durable and withstands extreme temperatures.

The Post Guard is designed with smooth slides and it's two reflective stripes are recessed near the rounded top. Striping is available in red, white/silver, blue or orange.

Post Guard is available in black, gray, yellow, red, white, blue, and brown.

Black Yellow Red White Blue Brown

The Post Guard comes in sizes to fit posts from 3 inches in diameter to 8 3/4 inches in diameter and as high as six feet.

We can furnish and install Encore Posts Guards for less than the cost of priming and painting these posts.

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Encore Post Guards come in three sizes:

  • For up to four inch pipe size - 4.5" inside diameter, 52" tall
  • For up to six inch pipe size - 7" inside diameter, 60" tall
  • For up to eight inch pipe size - 8.875" inside diameter, 72" tall

Post Guards have a compressible foam mounting system and can fit pipe smaller than the standard sizes listed.

Don't have any bollards to cover? Robert Liles Parking Lot Service can set bollards in your pavement. Give us a call or email for a quote.

Pavement Marking.  We use Graco Equipment and Sherwin-Williams paint.
ADA compliance.  We stay current on local, state, and national requirements.
Warehouse and factory floors.  We have the equipment to spray epoxies and urethanes.
Game court marking. We can layout and paint lines, as well as apply surfacing.
Waterblasting.  To remove paint, prepare the surface, or to clean sidewalks and lots.
Encore Post Guards.  We supply and install covers for steel posts.

Wheel Stops.  To make sure that they don't put their car in places they shouldn't.


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