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We use many different materials for pavement marking. Click on a product to learn more about it:

Water based paint has come a long way in the last 20 years.  Today paint companies are spending all their R&D on coatings that do not contain VOC's (volatile organic compounds).  Water based paints used in traffic marking are based either on a latex resin or an acrylic resin, or a combination.  Latex is cheaper, and suitable for less demanding applications, acrylic is more expensive and used in better grades of traffic paint.  Robert Liles uses water based paints that meet D.O.T. specification 1952D, the newest and best type of water based paint.  An example is Sherwin - Williams "Hotline", their 100% acrylic water based traffic paint.  Often architects and specifiers do not have the latest specifications on hand and we still see them refer to older specs like 1952B, which is not as durable and takes longer to dry.

Chlorinated Rubber paint is an oil based traffic marking paint.  A limitation of water based paints is that they do not dry well, if at all, during times of low temperatures or high humidity.  We can use oil based paints to get the job done when weather conditions do not permit the use of water based paints.  Chlorinated rubber paint is alkyd paint that is fortified by the addition of a rubber compound that gives it increased resistance to wear, and much improved adhesion over regular alkyd paint.  The only oil based paint that Robert uses is chlorinated rubber.

Penetrating stains are useful on concrete in areas of pedestrian traffic, like accessible ramps.  The stain changes the color and seals the concrete, without changing the texture.  We can comply with ADA requirements for contrasting colors while maintaining slip resistance.  And example is H & C concrete stain.  Stains are available in any color.

Thermoplastic pavement marking is the most durable marking used in our area.  The reason for it's durability is that it is applied at approximately ten times the thickness of paint markings.  Thermo is a solid material that is heated to a temperature that allows it to flow.  The highway stripers get their thermo in bags or blocks and melt it in huge pots.  We use preformed thermoplastic that is heated with a special torch and flows and bonds with the pavement.  Preformed thermo is great for small jobs in high traffic areas, but the cost is quite a bit higher than paint.

Raised markers are installed by the millions on Texas roadways every year.  In fact most are replaced on a one or two year cycle.  We can install them on parking lots and they last for years.  They are useful because of their nighttime visibility and serve as tactile warnings to drivers.  We have reflective and non-reflective markers, in several colors.

Epoxies and Urethanes are high cost and high performance coatings.  They take special skills and equipment for proper application. We generally use them for warehouse and factory floor markings that are subject to heavy forklift traffic.  We often use Sherwin - Williams Corothane for floors because it very hard and glossy and won't get dirty like other paints.  These paints adhere well to concrete, but we like to slightly roughen and clean the surface with our scarifier before painting.

There are many tapes made for pavement marking, but the only ones that are durable are also much more expensive than coatings, so we don't have much use for them.  Temporary tape is used in highway construction for safety until the line stripers can get to the job.

Magic Colors is a permanent / removable paint system that can be used for temporary road markings.  The paint is tough and long lasting, but can be easily removed with their special remover.  The residue is environmentally friendly and can be washed away and allowed to decompose in the soil.  For information, visit


National Pavement Contractors AssociationRobert Liles Parking Lot Service is a member of NPCA, the National Pavement Contractor's Association.

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