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Owner Robert Liles and Field Foreman, David Basile, have the latest technology for parking lot striping.  They use computer controlled equipment to provide attractive, durable markings.

Here, Robert explains the computer system to a customer, while David gets ready to go to work.

We don't paint highways, but we have equipment to paint lines on private roads.  Here Robert is painting double yellow lines and the machine is applying glass beads for nighttime visibility. Our airless machine applies paint at up to 3000 p.s.i. and leaves, sand, and other loose material is blown out of the way by the force of the paint application.

Robert has stencils to paint professional lettering, arrows, and symbols on pavement.  The "YIELD" letters are eight feet tall.

Robert Liles Parking Lot Service uses Graco equipment exclusively for paint application.  Graco is the world's leading manufacturer of pavement marking equipment for off road use.


Foreground - Robert on a Graco LineDriver connected to a Graco LineLazer III 5900.  Rear - David spraying handicap symbol with a Graco LineLazer III 3900.

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