Game courts and running tracks.

Robert's first court project was the basketball court on the roof of the new Smith County Jail in 1984.  Since then Robert and his crew have painted lines and stencils on basketball courts, tennis courts, Awana courts, and running tracks all across Texas.

We re-striped and stenciled this running track just before a state track meet.

Here we are painting lines on a basketball court following color coating.

David is applying masking tape with our Sport Taper.  This is at the world's largest roller skating rink.

Our Sport Taper is a precision tool that allows us to apply two strips of masking tape to the court.  The paint is then applied and the masking tape removed, leaving sharp edged straight lines, and precise curves. You can purchase your own Sport Taper at the Parking Lot Planet Store. Look for the Athletic stencils menu on the left and click on Sport Taper.

Apply tapeWe begin by establishing control points and measure and mark guidelines and radius points.  Then masking tape is applied by machine for straight lines and perfect curves.

Spray masked line


The lines are sprayed for even coverage and proper film thickness


When the paint has set, the tape is removed leaving a sharp edged line


Custom graphics and mascots can be computer cut and spray applied on almost any surface. (Even Grass!)




Pavement Marking.  We use Graco Equipment and Sherwin-Williams paint.
ADA compliance.  We stay current on local, state, and national requirements.
Warehouse and factory floors.  We have the equipment to spray epoxies and urethanes.
Game court marking. We can layout and paint lines, as well as apply surfacing.
Waterblasting.  To remove paint, prepare the surface, or to clean sidewalks and lots.
Encore Post Guards.  We supply and install covers for steel posts.

Wheel Stops.  To make sure that they don't put their car in places they shouldn't.

National Pavement Contractors Association Robert Liles Parking Lot Service is a member of NPCA, the National Pavement Contractor's Association.
Member of the Tyler Chamber of Commerce